Mould Remediation Services

We Remove Mould & Remediate Your Home

Sometimes a simple mould removal isn’t enough. Our mould remediation service is an in-depth process that eliminates mould spores from your home, restoring it to a clean, healthy & safe sate.

Residential Mould Remediations

Top-notch remediations that help residents and tenants thoroughly remedy mould outbreaks. We’ll eliminate spores and sanitise your dwelling, leaving little chance of it returning.

Commercial Mould Remediations

If you’ve got a business or commercial property that’s been infected with mould, we’ll utilise our commercial mould remediation process to eradicate any spores at the source.

Thorough Mould Remediations

Our mould remediations are thorough. We make sure to approach each job with high-calibre precision, leaving little-to-no chance of mould ever returning.

Mould Remediation With High-Calibre Precision

While standard mould removal helps clean surfaces and eliminate the mould you can see, our remediations take it a step further. Sometimes surface cleaning and material removal aren’t enough — you still have the risk of active spores in the air and on surfaces. We’re here to stop that from happening.

Our remediation process is thorough. Each of our specialists has a sharp eye and utilises state-of-the-art testing tools and methods to find mould where it hides. This can be spores floating in the air or hanging out, unseen to the eye. We help remove those stray, lingering spores, which helps reduce the chance of return.

Once we conduct remediation, we finish it off with a thorough and precise sanitising procedure. This helps prevent spores from regrowing in your home and effectively stopping them from causing future problems.

If you require mould remediation, don’t leave it up to just any mould removal company. Leave it up to us, the specialists who put your home & your health first. Don’t let mould be your problem: let it be our problem so we can get it remedied for you ASAP.

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Let’s Eliminate Your Mould Today

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Expert Mould Remediation Specialists

Our job isn’t done until your home or business is free of mould. The team we have are best-in-class experts when it comes to mould remediations. With a sharp eye for detail and a work ethic unlike no other, we make it our #1 priority to remedy your mould problems.

We don’t just stop there, however. Our team are masters of sanitisation. We take extra steps to help cleanse your home of any possible lingering spores. This allows us to effectively remove your mould and remediate your home to a fresh and healthy state. When we’re on the job, you can count on us to get it done right.

We’re all about hard work and dedication. Our promise to each and every customer we meet is to be as thorough as we would in our own home. This helps us ensure only the best customer service and remediation experience for every person we help. When you have our mould remediation specialists on the job, you can expect only the best service you could ask for. Our goal is to cleanse your dwelling and get you back to the comfort of mould-free life in no time.

Our Mould Remediation Process


The first step in mould remediation is to have a full mould inspection. Our team of specialists will take airborne samples of mould. This will help determine to type of mould present, helping us determine the best course of action to remove the mould.


The contaminated area is sealed off to prevent the mould from spreading to other parts of your home. This often involves setting up barriers with chambers and negative air pressure and disabling fans & heaters to prevent spores from spreading.

Air Filtration

High-efficiency air filters are put into the home’s central air system to clear the entire house of active spores. This helps prevent the spores from lingering. Our team may also use special vacuums to remove any spores that have been left behind on the surface.

Cleanup & Sanitise

We use powerful agents that remove mould from surfaces, eliminating it entirely. We then move on to sanitise the remainder of your home, ensuring no stray spores have settled and reducing the chance of a regrowth of mould in the future.

Customer Reviews


After noticing my kitchen had mould, I got on the phone and called Mould Removal Experts. They came by and did a mould inspection. The mould problem was worse than I thought. The team at Mould Removal Experts were able to remove the mould and help with the mould remediation process, too. I couldn’t be happier. I would definitely hire them again if a problem pops up. Professional, helpful, and very thorough with their work.

Mike L. — Brisbane


After the family and I began having problems with allergies, we noticed the smell of mould in our home. Needless to say, we put two and two together and called Mould Removal Experts. They discovered a huge mould infestation in our walls. Their crew did an excellent job with the mould removal service. Our allergies are gone and we can breathe a lot better now. I didn’t realise how bad it was. I’m very satisfied with the job they did in our home.

Sharon G. — Brisbane


I suspected there might be mould present in my flat after a bad boiler leak that ended up flooding. I could Mould Removal Experts and they conducted a mould inspection in the home. They found a lot more than I knew about! I hired them on the spot because of how thorough and straight-forward they were. They did an excellent job getting the mould removed. If you want a thorough mould inspection and removal, you need to call Mould Removal Experts.

Gerald B. — Brisbane

Why Choose Us For Your Mould Remediations?

What makes us the best candidate for your mould remediation? Aside from our work ethic and dedication to delivering unbeatable results, we believe that no other mould remediation company takes your needs as seriously as we do. We aim to help our customers stay healthy and avoid the many health issues mould causes, and to help their dwelling return to a healthy and sanitised state.

At the end of the day, most companies take a basic approach to mould remediation but lack the thorough process that we have. Our team makes your health priorities our #1 priority. We’re here to exceed your expectations and fully satisfy your remediation needs.

Our team is unmatched in the realm of precision. We take the time to get your mould remediations carried out properly, allowing us to fully eliminate the problem and prevent lingering spores from spawning more problems.

Don’t leave your mould remediation needs in the hands of just any remediation company. Leave it to us, the most thorough and precise mould remediation service Australia has to offer.

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Don’t Wait: We Can Remove Your Mould Now!

Mould removal vs remediation: what's the difference?

Standard mould removal services typically consist of scrubbing and cleansing areas infested with mould. This includes removal of materials such as plasterboard/gyprock, and thoroughly cleaning floors and ceilings. Mould removal is more of a surface-level cleansing.

Remediation, however, is a far more thorough process. Our mould remediation process involves state-of-the-art testing and removal practices. This helps us not only remove mould from surfaces, but it also helps us remove spores from the air, too.

How long does mould remediation take?

Our process for mould remediation is thorough, and each situation is different. The broad timeframe for mould radiation is anywhere between one to seven days. When you hire us, we’ll keep you in the loop and give you an accurate estimate of time for the process.

Can mould come back after remediation?

While we do everything we can to fully eradicate mould from your home, there’s always a chance it can come back. There are several factors that determine this. For starters, the source of the initial mould outbreak. If there’s a source of humidity in the home that started the mould infestation, it needs to be taken care of. This helps ensure mould has almost no chance of regrowth.

In any event, we do our best to determine the cause of the outbreak and squash it at the source.

Is mould remediation necessary?

Though some mould issues can be solved with basic mould removal, it’s always a wise choice to seek mould remediation. Remediation is a far more thorough process than basic mould removal, and it can help prevent spores in the air from causing a further infestation.

In any event, we want to know about your situation. Just contact us with details and we’ll recommend the best course of action.

What should I do after mould remediation?

After your mould remediation is complete, it’s always best to remedy the situation that caused the mould infestation to begin with. This can be having leaks fixed, fixing humidity issues with your central air/heating units, etc.

Our remediation process helps remedy mould outbreaks and sanitize your home, but we’re not plumbers or boiler contractors. So having those situations handled before or after your remediation is crucial in preventing possible future outbreaks.

Mould Remediation FAQ

Have questions about mould remediation? Thankfully, we’ve handled countless remediation jobs and have heard just about every question in the book. From simple enquiries to more complex and precise, we’ve heard it all.

There are often several questions regarding mould remediation. As such, we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions. Be sure to read through them and see if there is an answer already. If you have a specific question that you don’t see answered here, we always encourage you to reach out to us for a direct answer.

At the end of the day, we’re here to help. And we love keeping people in the loop of knowledge with mould remediation. That way you understand what needs to be done. This helps us keep our process as efficient as possible.

Mould Remediation Near You: Our Service Area

Our company proudly serves the country of Australia. We’re not confined to one location, however. We provide mould remediation services to the majority of the country. Whether you’re in Queensland, Victoria, Northern Territory or Western Australia, we’ve got mould removal technicians available to help you get your problems resolved.

Take a look at our locations to find mould remediation near you. If you don’t see your town listed, simply reach out and contact us with your location and we’ll do our best to get one of our nearby remediation experts to help you with a solution.

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